Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Uh, they're all on screens? That's the link?

If all goes well, I’ll see three utterly different things on movie screens today:

Coraline, which I’m going down to Eugene to see so I can treat huge Neil Gaiman fan Alicia to it;

The latest Battlestar Galactica, the whole “Adama tried for war crimes” episode;

And True Romance, the latest KUFO Cort and Fatboy Late Night Movie (one I’d meant to mention earlier but never got around to doing). I’ll watch it with the thought a college friend implanted in my mind back in the day, which was “Christian Slater did a good job in this film because he stopped imitating Jack Nicholson and started imitating Harrison Ford.”

Both Battlestar and True Romance are at the Bagdad, starting at 10:00, and are FREE. And Coraline, I do not mind paying to see that; I’m hearing very good things about it and I want the film to do well.

Road-tripping and movies. Should be a good day.
Tags: bsg

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