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Not to mention For Real:

Not every response to everything everywhere needs to be a joke.

I found it so wearying when a former housemate seemed to respond to 70% of everything said to him with a joke, or a crack, or some attempted cleverness. It was another way of Not Giving A Straight Answer, and he did it so much. It became a bad habit. It's like trying to make a whole meal out of Johnny's Salad Elegance: it's only tasty when combined with something substantial. AND SO LITTLE OF WHAT LEFT HIS MOUTH WAS SUBSTANTIAL.

In the past I've given up on certain writers for this particular reason: they sacrifice content and substance in what they're writing in order to try to be clever. And, usually, the attempted cleverness AIN'T CLEVER. That was one reason I finally stopped reading Pat Holmes, who I'd never liked from the first movie review I read but who I slogged through reading until I decided I'm getting nothing from reading this stuff; the hell with it. (I now pause for a Schaudenfreude alert! I didn't mind Holmes getting fired from the Portland Tribune last year. I was annoyed on behalf of fellow freelancer coffeeinhell, who got fired at the same time, but I've been a fan of hers since 2001 and a friend of hers since 2005, plus she's done fine since then...) It actually takes a lot for me to give up on reviewers I'm in the habit of reading; if the above is enough to make me abandon someone, it's probably a big deal to me.

What inspired this? Today I looked at the front page of the Sunday Oregonian's TV insert, paying more attention to it than normal because the front photo was of Eliza Dushku (I have a thing for her), and most of the front page's quick descriptions of upcoming TV shows were crack, crack, crack, none of them anywhere near funny. I hope they weren't written by The O's pop culture critic Peter Ames Carlin, and I doubt it: he's funnier, plus he has something to say.

Cleverness can be a seasoning, a wonderful tasty seasoning, but please, combine it with solid thoughts.

Clever (I hope) and serious (I hope),

P.S. (not B.S.): I'm glad to say that you guys who I read on LiveJournal don't do that maddening thing. Thank you. Keep writing interesting stuff!

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