Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The birthday that is happy for the man who is popfiend

popfiend. His name is legend.

He deserves an epic-sounding introduction like that.

He's one of the most genuinely positive, likeable people I've met on LJ. I'd be really surprised to find someone who didn't like him.

Whether in his married life, in his friendships, or in his IT work in New York City, he has one huge guiding goal: Make, things, better. And he truly works toward that goal: LJ essays and voice posts pondering what it means to improve things, how we can do so, how we may fall short or succeed beyond our goals. He talks the talk and walks the walk

He wants to be positive. (His first initial: O. One of his nicknames: O-Positive.) He wants to make the world better. Things are better from the work he's done. And he's far, far, far from finished. He'll have more positive influence as time goes on.

Each Thursday he writes an essay for what he calls Drama-Free Thursdays. I hope this particular, special Thursday is Drama-Free for him, and filled instead with hugs, well-wishes, good food and More Good.

(More Good. That deserves an epic-sounding introduction, too.)

Happy birthday, popfiend. I'm glad I know you.
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