Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Aircraft Carriers in the Sky

Another week, another packed Battlestar Galactica screening. And, thank goodness, not the roller coaster-in-an-earthquake emotional ride that last week's was, what with the fallout from the mutiny on Battlestar followed by the brutal smack-around of the follow-up film True Romance. This week's was a breather episode...relatively speaking. I mean, this is Battlestar Punch-in-the-Gut we're talking. But it was a calmer episode, showing both consequences and background.

The episode also (spoiler?) showed the state that Galactica is in. I've long thought of the battlestars as spacebound aircraft carriers, and I've been on aircraft carriers; tonight's show made me think Imagine what condition a Vietnam-, or Korea-era, aircraft carrier would be in if it had to be used the way Galactica's being used. Kind of like if the decommissioned U.S.S. John F. Kennedy had to be used to rescue people now. Or, come to think of it, what has to be done to the battleship Yamato in Star Blazers. Makes the stakes higher in my mind. (Higher stakes retroactively in Star Blazers, too.)

Onward to next week's BSG. And three weeks from now, on Friday, March 6th, will be Battlestar followed by the next KUFO Late-Night Movie, which will be Rocky III. Mr. T in big-screen glory! I've been waiting to see this. (I've seen, in this order, Rockys IV, I and II. Time to rectify that gap in my viewing. And, then, later, Rocky Balboa.)
Tags: bsg, portland, radio

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