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Will this be an entry?

This may just look like an entry. It might not cross the threshold of being an actual entry with actual content actually worth reading. Or it might be the equivalent of that famous painting of a pipe with the words THIS IS NOT A PIPE written below it. (Thanks, Rene Magritte!)

'Cause, you see, I think I want to write something random.

I won't get to the point of just writing random words to fill this out but maybe, maybe, I wanted to have an entry about nothing. Which, by the way, was the credo of the makers of Seinfeld, but hey, I once read that Madame Bovary author Gustav Flaubert had said "what seems beautiful to me, what I should like to write, is a book about nothing," so if even someone so celebrated in letters wanted to do this, why not me?

Good. I'm getting some column inches here. I'm getting some length. It's looking more like an entry, isn't it?

Before I get ridiculously self-indulgent, I'll close. But I'll be slightly indulgent and quote a term from Depraved English:
nympholepsy /NIM fo lep sy/ n -- An erotic daydream trance. A person under the spell of nympholepsy is known as a nympholept.
There. Some actual content. You learned a little something.

Talk to y'all later.

P.S. Mosasaurian. Okay, I guess one random word worked its way in.

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