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Beaverton accepted my presence.

Change of scenery: wanted. A drive: wanted. My car: available. Other parts of the Portland area: available, too.

I went driving tonight.

My two stops were Powell's at Cedar Hills Crossing -- where I stumbled upon a calendar my mom had wanted, so I got it (on sale half-price, to boot) -- and Washington Square Mall. I walked and people-watched. I also saw that one of the remaining Good Dog/Bad Dog sausage places is in the food court, so I have at one source source of tasty meat next time I'm in Beaverton. (I miss the late, lamented downtown Good Dog/Bad Dog.)

It was thinking time: I hope good thinking, but at least thinking. I needed thinking time. (I wanted the stuff I mentioned at this entry's start. I know there's a difference.) I can still think. Small milestones. And I did it while only spending some gas and four bucks for the calendar!
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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