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Come see about me (five things about me)

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

I got these from stagger_lee77:
dream job
beards (as in growing them)
strangest dream you ever had
Okay, let's do this:

Dream Job: Writing-related. And earning-money-related! Likely the closest I've been to a dream job was during my three years at the Hermiston Herald in Northeast Oregon: the problem was, I wasn't all that great a reporter. I was, though, a good writer and proofreader; I'd check out each laid-out page of the paper to catch spelling and grammar errors, and during that time I also helped to proof a friend's book. (I've since also proofed another friend's novel.)

What I need and want to do is get past my inertia and terror involved in trying to find a writing job now, and find a writing job. At least a side thing, something supplemental. It's been too long since I've been paid for what I write, and I need a paid writing job. I'm working on it.

Now to the next (and lighter!) subject:

Beards (as in growing them): I never let myself grow facial hair until college. Fair-haired me hadn't grown any before (thank you, electric shaver) because I figured blond beards often don't look all that good. Then I got to college in fall '92, and during my first term my shaver broke. We're talking the starting-to-eat-itself kind of breaking. If this is chewing through frickin' metal, I don't want it touching my face! I thought. And the hair did what it does (on top of my head, too: this was when my hair finally grew out all wavy, when for my entire childhood it had been straight). I figured I looked scruffy and awful, and that Mom would freak when I got home to Virginia. No: Mom's first words when she saw me get off the shuttle at Dulles Airport was "It's red!" Yep, I had a reddish VanDyke...same as my dad had had in high school when he and Mom were dating. And since then people have generally responded well to me having facial hair. (I've been compared to a Viking, the lead singr of Spin Doctors, and Jesus.)

I'll never have a full-on Grizzly Adams beard -- the hair doesn't want to grow anywhere near that much -- but the VanDyke fits my face, and I have it every once in a while. I go back-and-forth between clean-shaven and VanDyked; and when Alicia and I dated, she preferred me clean-shaven. (She even bought me a replacement electric shaver.) I've only had a mustache once, and won't have one again: it just looks "odd and off" on my face.

Strangest dream you ever had: "You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees...because he believes he's going to wake up." Morpheus might as well have been speaking of me, not of Neo, because I'm very accepting of my dreams and appreciative of how vivid they are. They rarely seem strange to me, is the thing.

I will say that one dream was so vivid that I could taste something in it. (I'm not telling you what I was tasting!) I also had recurring dreams as a kid of a whale the size of an island off of California...and I had a psychic connection to it. An imaginary friend several thousand feet long. Epic, man.

Relationships: I'm good at the friendship thing. I've only seriously dated one person, though, Alicia (from January 1996 to July '97). After nearly 18 months with almost no contact, we got back in touch and rebuilt the friendship, knowing that anything more than that wouldn't work. So we went to what would work. (And I give Alicia a lot of credit: she was the one who first approached me about dating, and was the first to ask if we could try being friends. Ten years on and I'm so glad I've had her in my life.)

Too often since then I've been a distracted dumbass about relationships: I've probably missed signals from interested ladies and missed out on potential relationships that way. I'm also a little too practiced at having crushes, but I know those can be self-centered things. Sometimes they can build into genuine love (like with my married friends shadesong and yendi), so the goal is: how do these things build? Man, love really is a kind of alchemy. But, unlike classic alchemy, it does happen. Tom Jones said It's not unusual. Chryssie Hynde said Once in a while, two people meet, seemingly for no reason, they just pass on the street, suddenly thunder, showers everywhere, who can say 'bout the thunder and the rain but there's something in the air...

I want to build that. I want that alchemy to happen. I have to be open to that.

Sleep: ...uh, now? (No. Time to have a day. Hopefully a good one.)

Sleep is a fascinating thing, really. I've interviewed William C. Dement, one of the earliest dedicated researchers into what happens when we're sleeping. I admire the people who work at sleep clinics, like the one at my former employer Oregon Health Sciences University. Friends of mine have some serious sleep issues, and I feel for them; I hope they soon sleep better.

Now, if you'd like, ask me to list five things about you and you may reply to those.
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