Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


A Gettin' Stuff Done day: down to Wilsonville to drop in on Mom and give her a calendar she'd wanted; up to Milwaukie to sign up at another temp office; and...

...drum roll, please... out-witting my bass-ackwards car radio to finally get it to let me change the hour on it!

Yes. This has been an issue. Originally I followed the radio's printed instructions for changing the time and it would only (only, only) let me change the minutes. The hour was three hours later than West Coast time so I amused myself by thinking Okay, so I'll always know what Eastern Time is, but no, I was still unable to adjust it when Fall Back happened last fall, so then there was a four-hour difference and the radio's given time was for a chunk of the North Atlantic and a slice of South America. Oh, well.

Now I got it to adjust the hour. Here's the thing: I'd just wanted to adjust the minutes. I'd accepted the no-hour-change thing, but I pressed the right buttons in the right order and at the right speed to change from "Adjust Minutes" to "Adjust Hours"...and so far I can't get it back to "Adjust Minutes.

But it's closer now!
Tags: peregrinations, work

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