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Something maybe possibly good...

...which I won't tell you about yet. Not the time for it. But something maybe possibly good is on my mind.

Let's just say I'm feeling a good kind of the Don't, mess, this, up kind of nervous.

The next few days will have fun in them. Tomorrow is the next Battlestar at the Bagdad, so there's hanging-out and viewing to do; Saturday is the Second Annual Boo-Yah Awards (7-9 p.m., Cosmic Monkey Comics at 5335 NE Sandy here in Portland); Sunday I'll likely be choosing between watching the Oscars and listening to the latest installment of CBS Radio Theater. (That'll be 6 to 7 p.m., and the whole hour this time is devoted to A.Z.: a repeat of "Episode 2: The Last Broadcaster" and a new episode following up that episode's story.)

Meanwhile, I've been digging around in my mood, trying to determine exactly what kind of mood it is. It's been a quiet, thoughtful day: an odd-thoughts day. Also an attempted-writing day, which hasn't been nearly as productive as it could've been. I know it can be better.

On the other hand, it has been better for friends of mine. Today has been a good day for several of them, and as they could use a good day, this is something good.

This has been vague, I know. I'll be clearer as time goes on. For now, there's s00j on my stereo reading catvalente's words or singing about them. Another thing that's making me smile.
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