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About writing for Star Trek

Via lovelyangel: Vonda McIntyre shares her experience writing Star Trek novels back in the Eighties:
The deadline was very tight and I never would have been able to manage it except that I’d just bought, with my two housemates, a computer: A tan-case Osborne I with a four-digit serial number. It had 64K of memory and you could fit a whole chapter on a 5.25" floppy disk — nearly thirty pages! And the disks only cost $10 each!...

My editor happened to be coming to a convention in Seattle just before the book [The Entropy Effect] was due, and asked me to give him the manuscript there, so I did.

...To my surprise (and not a little discomfort), my editor sat himself down in the middle of a small party and started reading. After he’d read fifty pages or so, he said, “Paramount will either love this, or they’ll really, really hate it.”

Fortunately, the former.
She adds that she thinks but isn't sure that Peter David was the one who convinced the makers of Star Trek VI to use Hikaru, McIntyre's suggestion for Sulu's first name. I believe that's right.
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