Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

octoberland's Call For Submissions

My friend Jennifer Williams (octoberland), now interning at ceciliatan's Circlet Press, has put out a call:
Call for Submissions: Like a Sacred Desire

Circlet Press is looking for stories of sex magick to be published in its upcoming e-book, Like a Sacred Desire: Tales of Sex Magick, of all original stories. The reading period begins March 1, 2009 and ends April 1, 2009. All stories for e-book publication will conform to the same standards of quality and sensuality as in all Circlet’s print books. Ebook only publications pay $25 per story, with an additional $25 for any book that goes into print.

Like a Sacred Desire

We are seeking stories that think outside the box of physical gratification as a means of manifestation. Think words of power, abstinence as a means of building up energy, invoking Gods and Goddesses often thought of as dark such as Baphomet, Kali or Lilith.

Themes can include destruction and rebirth, healing the self, binding of a slave to a Master, pasts remembered and futures conceived. Surprise us. Turn us on and intoxicate us.

Electronic submissions only. Please send to

For detailed guidelines please visit:
Knowing my friends, there have to be erotica writers reading this, and I wanted Jen's announcement to be seen by more people.
Tags: books

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