Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Monday morning miscellany

Asking for wishes for the good kind of luck:

I have a job interview this afternoon. I've been preparing for it since late last week. I'll wear an outfit that can have a tie. I'll also wear a tie. (The job, should I get it, wouldn't require a tie, but a tie this time? A good idea.)

More to report when I feel I can report more.


Oscars: Okay, I need to connect better with films again; I want to feel more invested in what films win. (I was last like that in the late Nineties. I prognosticated Oscar wins for three years for my newspaper job. Tended to get about 60% of my guesses right. Before that: the 1992 ceremony for 1991's films. I still have a video of highlights from that one.)

Bad-Movie-Fan Me in fact missed the opening, and didn't tune in until after Penelope Cruz had won Best Supporting Actress. (I turned it on right when Tina Fey and Steve Martin introduced the screenplay awards.) I also had my attention divided until 7 between the Oscars and the zombie apocalypse (I was listening to AM 970's CBS Radio Theater and its show A.Z.: After Zombies). But the Oscar ceremony kept drawing me in (except when Bill Maher was on: YOU ARE MUTED, MR. MAHER SO THAT YOU DON'T MAKE ME CRAZY). I was happy when the Best Costume Design winner, the man from The Duchess, first thanked the film's composer Rachel Portman for her score (a score I liked, too). I wibbled a bit at each clip from Wall-E: as so many know, that is a stunning film.

The idea of the "five acting Oscar winners talk about the acting nominees" was better than the execution. This I think is worth trying again.

Plus, hey, the ceremony was full of purrrrrrty people. I have no problem with that.


I like voice posts. Last night I did one for a friend's birthday. Before that, I sang.


My struggle this weekend: NOT BE SO SERIOUS. I felt a little too serious at the Bagdad for Battlestar (the show's latest gut-punches didn't help); I felt a little too serious at the Boo-Yah Awards, and didn't relax enough to socialize well. C'mon, Chris, you were among Your People! They're likely to like you!

I might still be trying to be Less Serious. A goal for this week...
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