Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Douchebag Porpoise" could be a band name.

Questionable Content starts out a little emotional in today's strip, but that's eased by Marten telling Faye exactly the right things.

Yes, occasionally "douchebag porpoise" is exactly the right thing to say.

Slightly more context: Faye's dealing with how her boyfriend Sven cheated on her. Marten is Faye's roommate and, once upon a time, a prospective boyfriend, though that didn't work out (but it turned out he and Dora were a really good match as a couple). This is one of the things I like about QC: the drama is rarely too outrageous, especially by soap opera standards. And its characters are almost all people who try to make others feel better. This is an example. Huh: QC can actually be analyzed.
Tags: webcomics

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