Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
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Sen. Keene is the TRUE hero

The dark spector of masked vigilantism has shadowed our cities, clouded our communities, scared our selves.

These self-appointed, costumed, so-called "superheroes" have deluded themselves into believing they are collective judge, jury, and executioner over our beautiful country. And in doing so they make a mockery of our police and judicial systems, our TRUE ways of reaching justice.

Superheroes have no right to run roughshod over us the way they ran roughshod over Vietnam. And it has become time for the good, honest citizens of the United States to take a stand and say "No!"

So I spread the word and ask you, implore you, to march in support of the Keene Act today at noon, starting at Cosmic Monkey Comics at 5335 NE Sandy and marching down Sandy to Things From Another World. We must take the streets away from these fascists and return the streets to their rightful protectors, the cops.

TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY! Support the Keene Act.

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