Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Hi, Leverage fans. Welcome to Portland!

lovelyangel let me know: TNT’s fun heist series Leverage will shoot its second season in my fair city.
The Governor's Office of Film & Television and the office of Portland Mayor Sam Adams announced that Leverage, a drama starring Timothy Hutton, will move production of its second season from Los Angeles to Portland. The series -- about a group of con artists, thieves and computer hackers who use their skills to go after fat-cat bad guys -- starts shooting in Portland this spring.
I’d heard this was a possibility, because the show’s executive producer Dean Devlin had talked about it on-air to KINK FM’s news anchor and instant Leverage fan Sheila Hamilton, but my desire to be able to show off Portland to more people was tempered by thinking That may just have been him blowing smoke. I have no way of knowing if he is or isn’t saying that to each market that interviews him. Turned out he wasn’t whistling Dixie!

I don’t know yet if the show will actually be set in Portland (like the mid-90s CBS show Under Suspicion) or make Portland look like a bunch of other locations, Vancouver, B.C.-style (like the UPN series Nowhere Man), but however the writers and producers use the city, I’ll be interested. And going “Hey! I’ve been there!”

Remember, spring isn’t too far away, if you think about it.

While I’m on the subject, I’ll link to Kung Fu Monkey, the blog by Leverage show runner John Rogers And Co. I’ve been reading it on the recommendation of kradical, also a fan of the show.

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