Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Boosting the signal

The next words you read (from here originally) will be shadesong's:
The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center's Walk for Change is just a month away!

"This 5K awareness and benefit walk along the Boston and Cambridge banks of the Charles River gets bigger and better every year.
Our 2009 Goals:

* 1,000 walkers
* $100,000 to support BARCC services
* A giant step forward in ending sexual violence

Every dollar you raise brings us one step closer to living in a world without sexual violence."

As many of you know, BARCC is a hugely important part of my world. The work they do is so very needed, and they are so very committed and passionate. BARCC runs mostly on volunteers - over a hundred of us take hotline calls, accompany survivors to the hospital, do legal advocacy, give survivor speeches, and do community outreach and prevention. BARCC is the second oldest rape crisis center in the country, and one of the biggest.

We do good and necessary work.

This work costs money.

Please sponsor me!

(And if you want to walk with me, register here and join Team Venture!)

So. Another thing that I want for my birthday: please sponsor, and whether or not you can sponsor, please pass this on!

Passed along, 'Song.

I took shadesong to a BARCC speaking event last August, the morning of the day she and I (plus her daughter Elayna) hit the road for Pi-Con. And I wouldn't even have needed to do that to see that this organization is important to her.

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