Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Viewus interruptus (what I tried to do last night)

Half an hour made a difference. Last night, half an hour meant the difference between my hoped-for entrance into a preview screening of the film version of Watchmen and the actual not-getting-into-it thing.

I didn't/ wouldn't/ probably couldn't mention it, but at the end of Friday's Keene Act march I won a pair of passes to Watchmen. I got in touch with greyaenigma to ask if he was willing and able to see it, too, and he was. I figured arriving at the theater at 6:00 would be early enough to ensure a seat. Like Obi-Wan thinking he could train Anakin properly, I was wrong. Should've shown up at 5:30, I thought later.

greyaenigma and I did have a decent visit, though, while waiting. And the line was eager in a quiet, gentle way.

We were about 10 to 15 people back from the front of the line when a man with a clipboard came out around 6:45, fifteen minutes before the scheduled screening start, to tell us the showing was full. We dispersed.

If anyone heard the scream "SUPERHEROES RUINED MY LIFE!" in the Lloyd Cinemas parking lot, that was me. I let my Keene Act-marching self reassert itself for a moment. Can't trust those fascistic spandexed freaks...

In the meantime, Cort of Cort and Fatboy (the source of much of my current social calendar) has posted his initial, positive thoughts on the film. And now Fatboy has posted his own, more conflicted thoughts. (Both reviews are spoiler-free.) David Walker goes into a little more (but not really spoiler-y) detail in his mixed review. And now Aaron Duran chimes in.

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