Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

blubeagle birthday blatherings!

It's the natal celebration day for one of my longest-time Net friends, blubeagle.

Blu's a force of energy contained in a chair: passionate, outspoken, righteously pissed off when she needs to be, and powerfully committed to helping people. I think she attacks keyboards with her fingers, going "C'mon words! Get out!" Her laugh manages to be both quiet and huge, which shouldn't be able to happen but I've heard her laugh. It's like her mirth doesn't need to be expressed as vocally as other people's is.

Blu and I met online in 2003, thanks to us both being fans of greygirlbeast and docbrite and participating on their phorums. She and I have been there for each other through some pretty major dramas since then: even when we were out of contact, we were strongly on each others' minds. And trust me, I still feel the relief of hearing back from her, when she said I'm okay! I just lost Net access for a while! I'm back! We made sure we had non-Net ways to reach other after that; I DON'T want to lose contact with her again.

Life goes on for her. She's writing, she's starting to get published, she's staying connected to lots of interesting people, and -- here's a big one --last September she was finally able to marry her longtime Significant Other blusfrog. These two are right for each other in a way I can never completely grasp, but which I can only sense, like weather fronts.

May you be surrounded by pretty men, loving dogs, hilarious stories, and powerful words today, blubeagle. Happy birthday, hon. You know how fond I am of you.
Tags: birthdays

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