Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"The prediction? Pain."

I've managed never to see Rocky III.

This shall be rectified Friday night: following the Bagdad screening of Battlestar will be the March KUFO Late Night Movie, Rocky III.

(I wish Rocky appreciater leonardpart6 could attend, but he's in Cincinnati. That 2,000 miles makes a difference.)

For years, I'd only seen Rocky IV, the Rocky-goes-to-Russia-to-avenge-Apollo-Creed's-death one; I saw that in the theater back when it came out. I didn't see the original until two years ago; I got around to seeing Rocky II last fall. After this I'll make sure to see Rocky Balboa, the sixth (avoiding Rocky V, 'cause I have no interest in it), and I'll have checked off another film experience on my list.
Tags: midnight movies

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