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A good "whoa" about radio

Rick Emerson and Co. are getting promoted.

The Rick Emerson Show -- Rick, producer Sarah X. Dylan, laid-off newsman Tim Riley and phone screener Ritchie Bristol -- will move on Thursday from their AM 970 midday slot to 5 a.m.-9 a.m. on Portland's Rock 101.1 KUFO, AM 970's sister station, filling the slot where Adam Carolla used to broadcast.

Willamette Week has the news. It's real. Rick, Sarah and Tim (who's not yet getting paid, but WILL be! Really! Starting Thursday!) have been on the show today talking about How Cool This Is For Them.

Well done, Rick and Sarah and Tim (especially Tim, who'll get paid again) and Ritchie and everyone at CBS Radio Portland who thought That's crazy...crazy enough it just might work!
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