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Quieter, maybe

This is me pondering.

This journal, I feel, has been less interesting lately. I think I'm tired; I also think I've gotten too wrapped up in concern over what I write here: No, not that, it's not interesting enough, and that other thing? I've written about it too many times before. The result's been that this journal has been a little more repetitive, and less meaty in content. Which makes me worry about what I'll write next, instead of just letting myself write whatever I write. In other words, I'm overthinking parts of the blogging process and underthinking other parts, and I'm a little frustrated by that.

So if you've felt Le LJ De chris_walsh has been not as fun to read lately, I feel ya. It hasn't been as fun to write.

Slowing down my blogging sounds like a good idea. Recharge the blogging batteries, and come back to fuller strength later. Whether I actually slow down or keep going, I'll see.

Here's the bigger point: I need to use more of my energy towards finding work again, and connecting better to people. LJ is one way of connecting, but I need to use other ways, too. I'm working on that.

I'm not going anywhere. I might not cut back, even. And I like commenting on all y'all's journals, so I don't want to stop that. So: I'll hope to be more interesting, and more pleased with the words I write.
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