Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

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One more childhood memory goes HI THERE!

How long has it been since I've eaten cookie dough? A few minutes. Before that? YEARS.

See, on Sunday, finally, after months and months and months, I pulled a bag of Tollhouse cookie dough I'd had in the freezer. Thawed it, and took 8 squares' worth of future cookies and baked them until they spread out into gooey circles of chocolate-chip goodness. That was my dessert while listening to CBS Radio Theater Sunday night.

And this afternoon, because I'm trashy, I remembered the bag in the fridge and thought Why not? Any salmonella in it would've died a lonnnnnng time ago, and pulled off two squares of the dough. Ate, and smiled at both the memory and the taste.

Plenty more where that came from! Either cooked or uncooked. (I'll cook the rest. Today was enough of an indulgence. I don't want to be the inadvertant victim of the world's longest-lived salmonella.)

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