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Rock and Rock and Roll Radio! Let's Go! Rock and Rock and Roll Radio! Let's Go!

And the talented and sleep-deprived Rick Emerson is an hour and a half into his first morning show on KUFO. Best of the good luck, Rick and Guys. You're perking up well, sir. (Wow you could hear the tired in his voice in the first hour.)

I indeed fist-pumped (while lying in my bed; gave me enough energy to redirect to fist-pumping) to the first full song played on this version of Rick's show. That first song was "Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio?" by The Ramones. Nice. But I still kind of wish Rick had used my suggestion:
I bet you they won't play this song on the radio
I bet you they won't play this new BEEP song
It's not that it's BEEP or BEEP-BEEP controversial
Just that the BEEPing words are awfully strong
You can't say BEEP on the radio
You can't even say "I'd like to BEEP you someday"
Unless you're a doctor with a very large BEEP
So I bet you they won't play this song on the radio
I bet you they won't BEEPing well program it
I bet you they're BEEPing old program directors
Who think it's a load of horseBEEP
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