Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Mike "Culture Pulp" Russell had this to say on his Twitter feed:
Spent a chunk of yesterday helping D.K. Holm, who is roaring back to health, set up a forthcoming site.

D.K. Holm is a local writer (for, among other outlets, Kevin Smith's Quick Stop Entertainment) who got hit with major health issues right after quitting a job with medical benefits at Powell's. Many thousands of dollars got raised for him at an April 2008 screening and auction at Cinema 21; then over the summer, a house hosted outdoor screenings of cool films where audience members were encouraged to drop money in a tip jar for him. Holm was able to attend a few of the screenings. (I attended several. I wrote about the first night of the series here and here.)

Good news! Keep getting healthier, Mr. Holm.
Tags: portland

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