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Now I'm all confused.

There's a recurring dream location of mine that's somehow a combination of San Francisco and Seattle.

I wound up in that city last night, apparently accidentally: I was driving and took the wrong (AND NEVER BEFORE SEEN) exit while northbound on I-5 in Portland's Terwilliger Curves (which should have a slogan: "a roller coaster for your car!") and after winding down (down? The Terwilliger Curves are below the other streets over there. Oh, yeah. Dream) I found myself turned around and upside-down and not sure where I was and suddenly without my car or a useful sense of direction. All I could find at first were homeless guys and large piles of boxes and palettes. I got a rent-a-bike from a WalMart (though whether it was for riding around the city or just riding around the WalMart, I'm not sure) and started feeling my way through the hilly city. Figured out the direction of stuff, and was still feeling my way through the city when I woke up. it more San Francisco or Seattle? Arguing for Seattle was that I was trying to find the home of my Seattle-livin' cousin Amy "Maximy" Walsh. Arguing for San Francisco was not only that I knew somehow that my LJ friends supremegoddess1 and stagger_lee77 were connected to the town (and Kim and Lee have connections to S.F.), but that, um, Young Kirk was there. Er, Starfleet is in San Francisco, after all. (Though that doesn't explain the Tyrannosaurus Rex attacking an office building, either.)

s00j's phrase "Welcome to my brain" is a VERY useful phrase, isn't it?
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