Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

In which I disappoint kradical

Madagascar didn't do much for me. The one fairly inventive thing that made me smile and gave me hope was the opening penguin chorus. It was mostly downhill from there. Lazily downhill, plagued by the just-reference-it-and-it's-funny-except-it's-not gag writing later perfected (should "perfected" be in quotes?) by the Friedberg-Seltzer Epic Movie/Disastrous, I Mean Disaster Movie guys. (Running on a beach to the Chariots of Fire music? Really? Another To Serve Man reference? That actually needed?) Some amusement from the militaristic penguins (the Antarctica gag's well done), but I'll add that their short "A Christmas Caper" didn't do much for me back in 2005, either. I shrug, I guess. Sorry, Keith.

I have bought kradical's Star Trek: A Singular Destiny (new, even!), so that should ease his pain. Plus I'm now working through Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson's Spaced, thanks to my neighbors who had it, which eases my pain.
Tags: film reviews

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