Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Visual aid. (BSG at the Bagdad. Also tots.)

My entry on the glorious madness that was "Sackhoff Night at the Bagdad" should be up late tonight. In the meantime...

Chris With Tots. Chris With Tots. For passing out. I'll give out lots.
Chris With Tots. Chris With Tots. For passing out. I'll give out lots.*
Photo by Mike Russell on 3/13/09, while waiting for "Battlestar Galactica" to start.

I was at the Bagdad Friday night from 5:30 to past midnight. During part of that I hung out over dinner with Mike Russell (and later his impressive wife Gina and Mike's friends Jeff, mudron and quirkybird). Mike was nice enough to snap this. Soon after he shot this, I was walking the block-and-a-half line outside the Bagdad of Battlestar Galactica fans waiting to get in, giving them the Cajunized tater tots you see pictured here. Getting our nutrition from eating protein biscuits recommended by the system, to redo Oingo Boingo...

* That "Chris With Tots" thing is me imitating Gorillaz's "Kids With Guns."
Tags: bsg, portland

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