Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


I did a good deed Tuesday morning…and that good deed didn’t backfire.

While I was on the Rt. 8 bus from the bottom of Pill Hill to the top where my job is, I heard a man ask the bus driver how to get to Multnomah Pavillion. The driver wasn’t sure. That building’s right behind the OPC where I work, so I introduced myself and told the man that I’d help him get there. I’ve seen too many people get lost on that campus, and my tour-guide tendencies keep asserting themselves, and it’s a minor detour at most…

…but, as you may know, twice I’ve tried to help people get to a place on campus, and after going only part way something went…off. The first time, a woman followed me briefly (she’d said she wanted the Multnomah Pavillion, too) and then smiled and headed off in a direction totally opposite from it. And another time, a man asked to go to the bus stop but when I got him there he marched on past the long, long bus stop with all the signs announcing the stops (he pointed one of them out, by the way) and then started looking around, looking lost. (He had asked earlier in our walk, after having said more than once that he wanted to go to the bus stop, “So, you're showing me to the elevator?”)

I’m happy to say that nothing of the sort happened this time. We got off at the same stop, and I led the man (Jim, his name was) through three different buildings, him noting the bust of retired Sen. Mark Hatfield in the Hatfield Research Center, then I got him to the sidewalk pointing right towards the Multnomah Pavillion. He said he could find his way from there. I was dreading him suddenly turning right and walking into the parking garage or the steps down to Shriners or something, but no, he was fine.

And I was relieved.
Tags: peregrinations, work

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