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The Time Warp (again)

Spent a few hours this afternoon in a theater and saw the film version of Watchmen (I'd kind of like to see the longer cut. Like, now) at the Roseway, the remodeled theater on NE Sandy, and when I left the Roseway I started looking at NE Sandy, and it's a stretch of Sandy that mostly looks the way it probably did in the 1980s. Not as perfect as seeing Watchmen (which is set in 1985, you see) in a theater that still feels like an Eighties theater, but close enough for my Eighties-remembering self. I let myself "feel the Eighties" for a bit. The Eighties and I, we go way back.

I had a walking afternoon after that: down about 25 blocks of Sandy because Portland's blocks are short, with my hand frequently up to his shield my eyes from the sun, then the bus into downtown where I briefly visited the Saturday Market (ran into a woman who'd been attending the "Battlestar at the Bagdad" screenings; she was selling homemade magnets) and walked along the Willamette before getting a bus home. And now, home. Me and this apartment, we go...yeah, not as far back, just to 2002. Now I'm wondering who lived here then...
Tags: bsg, peregrinations, portland

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