Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Get the Good Stuff

Allow me to go "Damn, I'm good."

Now tagged for easy retrieval from my 4 1/2-year history of blogging are my personal favorite entries. Some are serious; some are silly; some are epic; some are one-line amusements; but I have a soft spot for them all, and I wanted to share them more.

Over the past half-year or so, especially during the last several weeks, I've been re-reading the journal and tagging entries that jumped out at me in this way. (I gave the tag the placeholder, high-alphabet, and mellifluous name "zyss," and renamed it this morning. So if you saw that tag and went "'zyss'? Whuh?," that's what it was.) I hope some of these jump at you all in a good way, too. After all, I didn't rename the tag "creme de la chris" for nothing...

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