Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Comfortable Noise

Comfort can be useful. Obvious, but it’s good to remind myself.

Today I spent 2 ½ hours at the office where I’ll work next, learning some particulars about my upcoming job from a woman who’ll leave the job some weeks after I start it. The new job’ll be a challenge. I’m up for it, but I know I won’t be the best fit immediately. I’m nervous about that, worried at some level that I’m not up for it. And I’m seeking comfort.

(One comfort this afternoon was a burger at Virginia Café; after that, another comfort was a long walk. How long? From downtown to home. I used that burger’s calories!)

Right now that comfort is comfortable noise, and the current comfortable noise is SportsCenter, which has NFL news so I picked a good night to have it on in the background. Comfortable more-than-noise happened earlier, and I say “more-than-noise” because it was a phone conversation with rafaela. Our talk ranged from appreciating profanity to appreciating dogs we’ve known. (Plus more personal stuff, but it’s better to talk about it than write about it, and this wasn’t meant to be a blow-by-blow description of my day anyway.)

The comfortable noise before that? Music. I’ve been listening to more of my music again, reminding myself I have a pretty wide-ranging music collection so I should use it. I’d slacked off in listening to my own CDs in favor of radio (which has been dramatic in Portland lately; as a media geek I’ve wanted to pay attention) and review CDs for Geek in the City. I’m kind of baby stepping back into my personal collection. My selections tonight were two Damon Albarn CDs, first the more dramatic Gorillaz album Demon Days and then the relatively lighter Best of Blur. (Let’s not risk stretching my critical muscles right now by trying to describe those albums further than “more dramatic” and “lighter,” ’kay? ’kay. (Hi. For the moment, I’m lazy.))

May more comfort happen. Maybe comfortable noise will happen in my dreams. I do sometimes have music in my dreams…
Tags: dreams, music, peregrinations, sport!

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