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Another landing of another raven

Ravens in the Library: Magic in the Bard's Name has reached my place. Wow. It exists, and it's here.

This is the limited edition book of donated stories and artwork that friends of friends of mine birthed into existence only a couple of months ago, as a fundraiser to help my friend s00j after she got hit by serious illness. Sooj had no health insurance (something she's working to change RIGHT NOW) and would've been dangerously in the financial hole without her friends stepping up to the plate like this. And a book never even considered before winter began now exists, which is amazing. Sooj is amazing, as are the people surrounding her.

I'm babbling, but it's for a fantastic reason. As of this writing, Sooj is past the medical emergency, as best as we can tell, but the number of medical emergencies that happen in this country, especially to people like her with no health insurance, is boggling. It's hard for me to think about. But we have to think about it, because the system of health is failing too many people.

I'll let myself think of this: this book exists to help a good friend, and will bring more friends to her, and more people to the cause of helping people. How fantastic is that?

Ravens in the Library! Woo hoo! And...IT'S STILL AVAILABLE.
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