Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Butter and basil have failed me not.

Ah, the warm and comfortable feeling of warm and comfortable food digesting in my warm, comfortable body...

Dinner was chicken boiled up in a simple mix of water, butter, pepper, and spreadable basil, basil from a squeeze tube provided me nearly three years ago by my friend philly420pdx right before he and his wife Gerry moved from Portland to Hawaii. (I visited them their last night in town, bringing them Popeye's takeout for a final dinner, and they were clearing the very last useful items from the kitchen. They also left me Drambuie that I'm this close to finishing, but I don't drink much so I've used it slowly.)

This has been one of those occasional "no real big point to this post, but I wanted to record a little something" posts.

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