Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A quick update as I type, type, type

Hi. I'm at my parents' place in Dundee and I'm typing up a lot of my Hermiston Herald movie reviews (from the hard copies that I left here years ago for safe keeping). If you saw an entry last night or this morning called "Reviews II," that was some of the reviews, unformatted. I'd meant to make that a private entry; it's private now. The reviews will be up and public and comment-able later. (My Sixth Sense review is already up, which I'd intended. And to be more completist, I added my capsule reviews of X-Men and The Perfect Storm to this round-up entry, an entry I should've included those reviews with in the first place. For some reason I'd only included five of my original seven reviews from that piece.)

Good morning!

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