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I put this in the "F'n A" category:

Unca Harlan's Art Deco Dining Pavilion (a forum hosting Harlan Ellison and others) got a troll named "Gordon" today. I will not reprint what the troll said. I will instead reprint what Adam-Troy Castro said:
Adam-Troy Castro
- Friday, April 3 2009 13:16:23

On Cheap Cynicism and The Modern Age

Among the giants who have not yet manifested:

The technologist who figures out a renewable, non-polluting energy source.

The researcher who cures cancer.

The diplomat who finds a solution that pleases both the Arabs and the Israelis.

The leader whose treaty puts an end to the last war.

The innovator who solves world hunger.

first in a new generation of explorers, who walks on Mars.

The trailblazer whose accomplishment is so outside our current frame of reference that even those of us who have spent our careers in and around the field of science fiction have not yet imagined the brilliance of the his turning point.

Some of these have not been born yet (if they ever are). Some are no doubt walking among us now -- even if only as toddlers.

We could, of course, endorse your alternate view, that everything important has been done, that standards are dropping, and that nobody's achievement now deserves a place among the achievements of the past.

But that leaves us with a corollary.

That anybody who tries REALLY, REALLY hard to be an obnoxious irritant now ...

...anybody whose greatest aspiration now involves spitting in the eye of others...

...anybody who must do so anonymously now when the emptiness of anonymity has already been exposed and condemned... himself an exercise in providing a shallow echo of the past, is himself nothing more than a mote in the eye of the far more innovative obnoxious anonymous irritants we've already known.

Gordon: Seriously.

You're old news, wearing an old hat.

Been there. Done that.
That may be the most beautiful response to a troll I've ever read.
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