Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It's possible to lighten up.

I don't have to be Emo Chris.

Even with the recent tsuris (I love that word), I don't always have to be dark, intense, or brooding. I also don't have to limit my entertainment to what's dark, intense, or brooding, either. I went to part of the Friday screening last night -- I left early because I was getting tired more quickly than I'd expected, and while the film's funny I'm not as invested in the film as its fans -- but before that I watched last night's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Good show, I've been liking it, but not the lightest show. Battlestar was even less light. Not everything has to be dramatic! Not everything has to be earth-shattering, or so tough that even Spike breaks down crying!

So when I got home last night I watched about half an hour of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Funny stuff. Sexy stuff, too. (I'll admit I wanted to find the scene of (as yendi put it) "[Russell Brand] schtupping Kristen Bell in all sorts of interesting positions.") I've also been giving a try to the new show The Penguins of Madagascar, and finally (and to kradical and terri_osborne's delight, I'm sure) I'm really enjoying those very militaristic penguins. ("Militaristic penguins" sounds like code. Probably shouldn't be a rock band name, though...)

So. Today is going to be a warmer day. A good day to be out. A good day to breathe different air. I'm going to treat myself: a walk, some library time, maybe treat myself to restaurant food (let someone else feed me). And have NOT JUST DARK, INTENSE, AND BROODING ENTERTAINMENT, too.


In the spirit of a better day, via my friend zarhooie:

What if we tried saying "I love you" more?

I love you.
Tags: firefly/whedon

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