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Everything in this paragraph...
So. Today is going to be a warmer day. A good day to be out. A good day to breathe different air. I'm going to treat myself: a walk, some library time, maybe treat myself to restaurant food (let someone else feed me). And have NOT JUST DARK, INTENSE, AND BROODING ENTERTAINMENT, too.
...I did! And I did it all by foot: zig-zagging through Inner Southeast up to the Belmont Library, then the Hawthorne Fish House for early dinner, then walking SE 50th and Division before zigzagging through neighborhoods again to get home. I brought along a paperback of Leigh Brackett's science fiction novel The Ginger Star, so that took care of the lighter-entertainment thing.

And the amount of exercise I got (because I hadn't wanted to drive or to use a bus ticket) should mean gooooooood sleep.

Additional Edit: What did I happen upon while walking home? Piccolo Park. Had 1960s plans gone through, what's now that park would've been part of the Mount Hood Freeway, which Portland blocked in the 1970s. (That effort led to the creation of Max light rail, by the way.) I once wrote about wanting to see some of the places the Mount Hood Freeway would've plowed through had it been built; I'm proud of that entry. And I'm glad I've inadvertantly fulfilled part of that mission!
Tags: books, peregrinations

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