Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Reunitings and floating cars

My dreams last night weren't just eventful for me: I watched someone get to hug someone he hadn't been able to hug for a long time. And after that, I got to hug my Grandma Jean, someone I haven't been able to hug for a long time. Brief visits by the dead: a vivid and wistful-feelings-causing dream situation. Grandma Jean and I then had a conversation both maddening and hilarious: me trying to tell her something important and her joshing with me, a wry grin on her face.

I also traveled in the dream-world. I rode in...well, if it was an elevated train, it was really elevated, I mean like blimp-height. And I looked down on a bridge that worked, um, without benefit of actual decks: vehicles simple were suspended between the railings and above water, and traveling just fine, thank you. And, embarassasingly, if I dropped anything from where I was, it floated down then over and around and up and back to me, sticking to the window. (You don't want to know what I tried to drop.) Somewhat disconcerting, in a couple of ways.

I also saw an arcade game-like machine with a video display, and the display was of a woman in an intimate position, as in "from the Point Of View of her lover" intimate. Cute, she was, but if I pressed the buttons in the wrong order, her face would morph into the face of a younger woman, as in "too young for sex" young. Just her face: the rest of her would stay the same age and the same, well, nude. I kept trying to keep her face from changing to that of the younger woman. I like to think this is a good sign.

Kind of emotional and, at times, again, maddening dreams this time. But vivid, and I don't give up my vivid dreams for anything. I've long been a vivid dreamer. And usually my dreams aren't this, um, disconcerting.
Tags: dreams

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