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A satisfying profanity moment

I should write an entry about how I relate to profanity. Be part of my thoughts on language, of which profanity is a tool.

That's the justification for the quote that's next.

I've gone back to watching Season 1 of Friday Night Lights, and I'm about halfway through the season and I just saw the episode where Jason (recovering from a football career-ending accident) has played wheelchari rugby for the first time. He's not bad, and at times he's good: he's realizing he might be suited for this game, especially after he body-checks a player. It looks like they're about to trash-talk, then the other player just smiles at Jason. Jason looks like he's going to enjoy rugby.

I kind of wanted to see Jason trash-talk. I imagined it, even. Then I yelled, like I was in the gym with them, "You gave some shit...'cause you had some shit to give!"

Good "Bring it!" moment, is why I was moved to say that.
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