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Is there a way to say "Happy birthday, Setsuled" with more flair?

I hope this is the happy sort of birthday for Setsuled.

He’s one of the first people I followed on LiveJournal, back in 2004. He wrote and drew The Adventures of Boschen and Nesuko (Very Not Work-Safe), which was my soap opera for the nearly two years he ran that story. (I still remember how he introduced a new section of the comic thusly: “There is blood and nudity on every page, and that is a guarantee.”) He’s continued his sequential storytelling with the new story Venia’s Travels (also Very Not Work-Safe) and miscellaneous art at Anelnoath Dot Com.

He has a good mind for thinking like aliens. Sometimes I wonder if Setsuled would really like to be Dr. Manhattan when he grows older. His is a mind both perverse and elegant. How elegant? Right now he’s using his Twitter feed to write sonnets.

And I feel lucky that Setsuled and I “get” each other’s (somewhat slightly overlapping) senses of humor. His thoughts rarely come from an expected direction, but it’s worth it to me to think the occasional Huh? because other times he’ll surprise me in interesting ways. He surprises in interesting ways just on general principles.

Happy birthday, Setsuled.

(I let myself write and post this late in the day because he tends to be up at night.)
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