Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Return with me to those thrilling days of, um, 1989 (FLASHBACKS like whoa)

Heads up, people: Not only am I putting my old movie reviews online, I'm going to put up at least one short story.

I still have printouts of junior high- and high school-era writings by me, and I've pulled some of them out. After posting this, I'll start typing up my flatly titled, but amusing to me, sorta-science fiction story "A Somewhat Eventful Day in Washington, D.C." I wrote it in January 1989, back in freshman year at high school. Rereading it, I chuckled enough and, um, not-cringed enough that I now feel okay about posting it. And another thing? Clearly I wanted to be Douglas Adams when I grew up. (Keep in mind it's the writing of a 15-year-old, and so there's only so close that 15-year-old me could've gotten to being Douglas Adams, but still. I tried.)

Part of why I'm doing this is to remind myself that I've done this before -- not only write reviews, but write stories. I'm still rebuilding my confidence at those kinds of writing. I'm also enough in an "I made this!" mode that I want to show my work to people, and that's a positive step.

Coming soon: a Chris Walsh short story. I hope you like it. And coming sometime after that: NEW Chris Walsh stories, by the current version of me! Because I need to write.
Tags: flashbacks, language
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