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A compendium of good stuff

I'm warm. I'm fed. I'm comfortable. I'm reading good stuff. I'm getting tax refunds back (phew. I say again: PHEW).

I take what victories I can.

Yesterday I did my tax paperwork -- too late to mail it out in Saturday's mail, but it's done. I then did another long walk, zig-zagging to the Belmont Library and back, with a side trip to Movie Madness to remind myself that cool, rental-worthy movies are available. (I almost borrowed the DVD set The Young Ones: Every Stoopid Episode. I will sometime. I will! What makes docbrite laugh would likely make me laugh.) That walk was -- let's see *grabs the map book* -- roughly five miles roundtrip. Thanks again, Portland, for being a good walking town.

I'm also willing to share my juvenilia. Yes, at age 15 I wrote much the way I do now, but I hope now I'm, um, gooder. Er, better. (At least this story has some action. My big failing back then was writing stories with a lot of description, a lot of detail, but where almost nothing happens. I hadn't learned storytelling lessons yet.) That's another good thing!
Tags: language, peregrinations, portland

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