Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"It is very space..."

Well, it's lightish (it's 6:43 a.m. Pacific Time as I write this), so: good morning! (And "good afternoon" to anyone reading this from Europe...)

Something's wonky with my apartment's heat. It's been on the edge of uncomfortably cool. For now, sweatshirts are my helpers. And if Jim who owns the building comes over to do maintenance this week and it's still this kind of cool in here, I'll ask him to come in here and see what might possibly be making my apartment colder than the others.

I'm torn between wanting to snuggle and figuring anyone I could snuggle with would find this apartment too freakin' cold.

But I'm still amused that Snakes on a Plane showed on basic cable last night, even with bad dubbing. This means my sense of humor didn't freeze.

Writing Thing! I've started to notice how often I use ellipses (...) in my writing. Usually I use them to suggest a tailing-off sound, but I think I overuse them. The ideal use for them, of course, is to show where you've removed words from a quote. Have to be careful there, though: "I think...I am" has a different meaning than "I think, therefore I am." This Writing Thing has been brought to you by Fatboy Roberts of Cort and Fatboy and his recent rants about writing.

Dream Thing! Sneaking around my old call center job, which had far more attractive women at it than last time I was there. And it hadn't hurt for attractive women back when I was there. (Mmmm: Emily Lehr.) <--- Now, there I'd usually have use an ellipsis, to show the thought tailing off (and to suggest I'm floating off to my Happy Place), but I controlled my ellipsis use. Say "ellipsis use" five times fast!
Tags: dreams, language

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