Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

*sings a rousing chorus of "There is Nothing Quite as Wonderful as Money," but ironically*

Latest book finished is Scott Smith's A Simple Plan, a book with a lesson, and that lesson is MONEY MAKES YOU CRAZY.

Everything bad happens because of three characters wanting money that shouldn't be theirs. Of course, without them doing the questionable act of taking the money, there'd be no novel: a short story, maybe, but not this novel. I once didn't know that a lot of drama comes, or at least starts, from characters doing the wrong thing. I know that now.

I announce now that I will never kill for money. I'm sure you were worried.

(By the way, years later this refuses to stop being funny to me: My sister-in-law Cindy hated the film version and said "It should be called A Stupid Plan! I mean, what was the point of the movie: 'Don't trust Gary Cole'?")
Tags: books

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