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I'm alive! (But what do I look like?)

More about yesterday will appear on this blog. Yesterday involved Stumptown Comics, dozens of blocks of walking, and Chris quotes like "How 'bout just some ice cubes?" and "What's the USPS rate for a shitload?"

But here's a puzzle for now:

Yesterday, for his birthday, kradical asked people to post pictures of themselves. I did. (It's the picture Mike Russell took of me before the March 13th 'Battlestar Galactica' screening.) Keith replied
Y'know, without the beard, you look like the love child of Anthony Edwards and Matt Frewer......
to which I said
Huh. And I'd thought I looked like Paul Giamatti with more hair...
Why not open it up to the floor? Do I resemble anybody, other than Generic Northern European Blond Guy? Dawn and Patrick once said I reminded them of Seventies-era Gene Wilder. Any other ideas?

And let's see if my embed abilities work this time: here's the photo I linked:


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