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A large part of the blogging experience is leaving comments in reply to other people's posts and comments. I try to leave interesting comments. I'll share some.

When greygirlbeast wrote today about some writing trouble she'd had, I expanded on an earlier thought I'd had and wrote
Sympathies. Maybe try writing like an alien for a minute. See if that loosens up anything. (I just did that and found that my name CHRISTOPHER WALSH can become the name LOHTRAWPH CSEHIRS. I figure the C is silent. So's the XJIBLU you can't see. (Some languages should have invisible letters, don't you think?))
When cmpriest spoke of her next book's cover, including an image of a dirgible, which for fun she spelled DRGBLS, I said
*salutes the cover and the cover artist and you who inspired the cover artist*


And is DRGBLS the official LOLcat spelling? Or should it be Durjiblz?
A friend's piece of fiction (in a locked post, which I won't link to), about that childhood hope that one can enter alternate realities by the right path, prompted me to reminisce:
I've never had anything as dramatic as what's hinted at in this story happen to me, but I still know that left-turn-into-another-world feeling. The house I lived in at age 10 had a garage that had started out as a garage, been converted into a family room, and then coverted back into a garage. I distinctly remember asking Dad how you got into that family room. And from that I spun an idea that, entering the garage's side door at just the right angle at just the right time, I'd wind up in the family room version of the garage. Uh, never quite made that work. But, um, around the same time I remember running so fast that I was convinced that, for several steps, I'd lifted off the ground.

Keep finding magic like that...
From when kradical and others were talking about the apparent trail balloon Gov. Rick Perry floated of Hey? What about if Texas possibly maybe seceded?:
Now I'm darkly wondering what side Texas was on in Red Dawn...


(OK, so not so dark. Winking ain't dark.)
After yendi had, and linked to, some thoughts about last weekend's so-called "AmazonFail", I replied thusly:
*returns from reading Scalzi's post*

"people rarely freak out in a moderate sort of way."

If they did, we'd truly know the concept of a ruly mob.
(yendi replied "Ha! Too true.")

(And earlier, before we knew the reasons for AmazonFail, I also told him "I think a better name for this could be AMAZOMG." He said "Heh. ")

Last week, when bacon appreciater shadesong asked for different bacon recipes, I said
The raw bacon sandwich from Dreamcatcher is freakin' hilarious. Bad, deranged novel, but my love for that scene is deep and true!

Oh. Not the answer you were looking for. (Like those droids.) Sorry, I'm being unhelpful. Unless I made you chuckle.
When popfiend exulted over a natural-sugar Pepsi, we had this back-and-forth:
ME: Sugar! Great for colas, not so great for pasta, but still: SUGAR!

HIM: Actually pasta has natural sugars. Leave a piece of uncooked/dry pasta in your mouth for a while and it will become sweet.

/food nerdity

ME: I know more now.

And I made my comment because back at a grade school spaghetti feed, someone put sugar on our table instead of parmesan and in the lower light Mom didn't realize what it was and dumped a bunch on her spaghetti.

Leave a piece of uncooked/dry pasta in your mouth for a while and it will become sweet.


Ah hah!

But if it starts to taste like blueberries, something would be wrong... ;-)

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