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Portland, a home of KLINGON METAL

Here I risk making kradical roar with rage:

The Klingon metal band Stovokor... okay, I'm going to stop right there and say that yep, there's a Klingon metal band called Stovokor. They write their own music and play it. Play it LOUD. And they're based in Portland. HOW COOL IS THAT?


Stovokor will play a free show Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at the McMenamin's Mission Theater and Pub -- the same theater that showed Firefly two years ago -- for audiences 21 and over.

If you show up at the Mission wearing a red shirt -- any red shirt, not just special red shirts like this -- you'll be entered for a chance to win passes to an early screening of next month's Star Trek film. So the event's called "Rockin' the Red Shirts."

This is brought to us by Cort and Fatboy, McMenamin's, Stovokor and THE COOLNESS THAT IS PORTLAND.
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