Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Fight Club reviewed...and reviewed...and reviewed... Nov. 1999

And FLASHBACKS tonight is super-sized.

Back in 1999 I wrote three separate pieces about the film adaptation of
Fight Club. Here is the first:


Hold on. I’ve got some pondering to do. The cause of this pondering is the new movie Fight Club, which I saw because I’m drawn to bitter and murky films like it. 'This is another not-quite-review...'Collapse )

Two weeks later, I reviewed it a little more properly:


Oh, could I go on about this film. It’s Fight Club, which recently swung through town, and it’s packed with nuggets of interest I could write about. 'I found it to be hilarious and entertaining in an intentionally brutal way.' This is probably the only 'Fight Club' review to also cite 'Con Air.'Collapse )

And I followed that with this:


There’s such a thing as simultaneous creation, where different creative people have similar concerns and express those concerns in similar ways – for instance, similar scenes in different films. Yes, sometimes this happens because someone has copied someone else’s work, but coincidental co-creation happens more often than you’d think. And, of course, the similar scenes will never come out exactly the same, so you can compare-and-contrast and analyze them.

Remember that 'Fight Club' and 'American Beauty' have almost exactly the same scene?Collapse )
Tags: film reviews, flashbacks

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