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Bobbie Winchell -- lifelong Star Trek fan*, new contributor to Geek in the City, and significant other to Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts -- has challenged herself to read 30 books in 90 days.

She's blogging about it. She had me at
I don't want to read the thirty books so fast that all I have done is read the pages, missing out on the words. Knowing that The Usual Mistakes was a collection of short stories made me focus on the words and get what I could out of them.
Always worth the reminder, especially as I want to read more, too.

Cheer her on! Bobbie's cheer-worthy.

* At age 4 Bobbie went to a Star Trek convention wearing Vulcan ears. And she has a younger sibling who, by age 6, could speak fluent Klingon.
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