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While we "achoo!" to the end of the world...

In the Weird Thoughts Dept.:

This is inspired by the coverage of the Swine Flu and by how many of us leapt straight to the Stephen King "Captain Trips" the-superflu-will-kill-us-all references. (The Stand was the first Stephen King novel I ever read. Of course my mind went there, too.) Anyway.

How would pop culture react to the end of the world?

Here's the first Weird Thought I had related to that. I'm a longtime fan of "Weird Al" Yankovic, and he's such a great barometer of pop culture, so I thought He'd write a song about it! I then decided No. Ultimately, Al takes his parody work very seriously, because he takes the world seriously. He would not write or release a quickie song about the world ending.

(I also decided Don't attempt to write anything sounding like a Weird Al song about the end of the world! You ain't Al!)

But you know there'd be some reaction. We're always reacting to the news and to what's on television. A lot of us are funny. A lot of us work at being funny. Plenty of people analyze the world and its events. And the world ending would be a grand adventure something to talk about. (Now I'm flashing on that "blog like it's the end of the world" meme. And now I'm kind of tempted to do it. The world ends June 13th, apparently! Each year!)

I'm not going to speculate further about World's End right now. Life stuff needs to happen first. The end of the world would be deucedly inconvenient. (Even Stewie Griffin would think that.)

But hey, R.E.M. already reacted to it:

That's great, it starts with an earthquake/ birds and snakes and aeroplanes/ and Lenny Bruce is not afraid...
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